Revamp your HR function with a cloud-powered HXM suite
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Revamp your HR function with a cloud-powered HXM suite

By: Poorna Chandra Murthy Akurathi

Publish Date: August 16, 2022

The pace of change in today’s corporate world is rapid and far-reaching. Organizations frequently need to execute enterprise-wide changes impacting their processes, products, and people to stay up with a continually evolving business landscape. It may be challenging, and individuals frequently oppose it. However, businesses must take a methodical approach to extensive change management to foster an agile working culture. This is where strategic HR comes into play

HR: Beyond the conventional

HR Transformation was primarily concerned with making existing HR services more efficient, effective, and compliant. Today, employees drive the value for organizations, harnessing innovation and making every day count. This has made it imperative for organizations to reconsider their HR strategy, making agility a requirement for success. Businesses must be imaginative, strategic, and supportive to truly become agile and create a winning experience that supports the demands of both employees and the leadership. Many businesses have yet to recognize the value of a cloud-based HR application suite, which can convert HR from a tactical operation to a strategic force capable of transforming employee experiences and driving corporate transformation and value.

While we realize that Human Capital Management (HCM) technology falls short of what organizations need to succeed today, we also know that establishing an environment where people feel secure, engaged, and productive needs an active emphasis on cultivating a great employee experience. HR is becoming Human Experience Management (HXM) which delivers the attitude and skills needed to achieve the outcomes enterprises need to survive and grow. The focus of HR is now moving from merely supporting employee-related operations to enabling experiences that motivate employees to perform at their innovative best.

HXM: Voicing the employee’s needs

With millennials entering the workforce, their experience is not the one to be impacted by a single factor. Facets such as their technology, their physical workspace, development, and growth opportunities drive their professional thirst. Employees today expect businesses to invest in things that make them want to work for them. They wish to have a say and expect their employers to act on the criticism they provide.

That’s how HXM rose to the occasion. It delivers more intuitive and linked technology throughout the workplace and allows employers to manage the employee experience by providing immediate feedback and actions that drive continuous improvements to their daily experience.

Companies can deploy HXM to demonstrate empathy in a practical yet meaningful way – its core ethos lies in seeing the world through the eyes of others and recognizing the unique requirements of each employee.

  • It’s about actively listening to employees to learn how they feel or think about their career advancement, remuneration, team, management, or corporate culture, and then taking the appropriate action
  • Experience data is at the heart of HXM, allowing businesses to optimize the customer experience – it enables them to create experiences that are tailored to the particular end-user and are more efficient, unlocking employee growth and fostering a positive effect on business

HXM enables employees to have a more significant say in developing business culture. And in today’s competitive world, cultivating a culture of joy, inclusivity, and creativity precedes other factors.

The future is now

For businesses functioning in a highly competitive, often uncertain, global environment, understanding and improving the employee experience are crucial. Companies prioritizing employee experience are more likely to recruit top talent, reduce staff attrition, and achieve higher productivity. In a nutshell, delivering a positive employee experience isn’t only about making your employees feel better – it is providing them with the tools they need to perform their best— to motivate them to come to work. Organizations can’t afford to overlook the employee experience; it has grown crucial, even to potential recruits, making HXM worth investing in.

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