Oracle Production Scheduling: One stop solution for Scheduling, Maintenance, and Repair with inbuilt Advanced Analytics

By: | Sudhakar Dama

Publish Date: May 15, 2018

One of the VCP modules, Oracle Production Scheduling, is a powerful tool that allows users to derive feasible, realistic production schedules and thus helps in optimizing the use of critical resources and in achieving the production facility targets. Oracle Production Scheduling has the option of seamless integration with Oracle EBS and non-Oracle ERP Systems like (SAP, MS Dynamics, etc.) with a user-friendly graphical user interface. This helps manufacturing execution system in scheduling work orders and demand fulfilment thru planned orders.
Oracle Production Scheduling enables you to create detailed, up-to-the-minute schedules that enable you to produce the right amount of product when it is needed, thereby maximizing service, minimizing inventory, sequence-dependent setups, expediting, and other undesirable costs.
It addresses the below significant concerns of manufacturing firms irrespective of the end-product and has solutions to all of them

  1. A. How do I create a detailed daily production schedule that is realistic?
  2. B. How do I schedule my production around floating bottlenecks effectively considering alternate machines?
  3. C. How can I detail schedule my shop floor with material availability still in mind, even if MRP has assured material availability?
  4. D. How do I prioritize and sequence my work orders as best as possible and what are the criterions?
  5. E. How can I reduce my manufacturing lead times by enabling single piece flow?
  6. F. How do I detail schedule with different scenarios for simulation?

Oracle Production Scheduling GUI
Key Features
Below are the key features

  1. Detection of Bottlenecks
  2. Considers capacity, calendar constraints on resources, machines, crews and tools
  3. Honors material constraints
  4. Multi-stage production graphical representation
  5. KPI’s to determine the best schedule
  6. Automatic scheduling of all stages of production across departments
  7. Advanced analytical view of Gantt Chart, Line/Bar Charts, etc
  8. Deployed stand-alone or integrated with Oracle EBS
  9. Completely integrated with Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  10. Schedule repair and maintenance work orders by integrating with Oracle Complex Maintenance Repair and Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
  11. Resource dependent operation duration and lot sizes
  12. Multi-scenario with KPIs for scenario comparison
  13. Drag and drop manual scheduling
  14. Demand priorities
  15. Alert with the root cause

Oracle Production Scheduling GUI with Gantt chart
Benefits are listed below and not limited to

  1. Create feasible maintenance schedules for complex maintenance tasks
  2. Maximize throughput and increase resource utilization
  3. Improve shop floor performance
  4. Determine the best schedule through interactive simulation
  5. Comprehensive and integrated manufacturing planning and scheduling
  6. Reduce manufacturing costs

Oracle Production Scheduling Integration with Oracle EBS or Non-Oracle ERP Systems – Logical Data Flow
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Sudhakar Dama- PMP, OCP, Project Manager @YASH Technologies
Reference: and
Oracle Production Scheduling Implementation Guides.

Sudhakar Dama
Sudhakar Dama

PMP, OCP, Project Manager @YASH Technologies

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