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By: | Nagesh Polu

Publish Date: August 16, 2018

SuccessFactors LMS is one exciting solution which keeps clients as well as its employees engaging thru out the year. Recently, we got a requirement which has something to do with JavaScript code embed into a custom tile. As we all know, there is a limitation in SuccessFactors; you cannot have JavaScript embedded in custom tiles, which is planned for next releases (no confirmation yet)
We took this opportunity as a challenge and went ahead; the scenario was very straightforward – need a custom tile on LMS home screen that populates Reddit RSS JavaScript posts feed.
As we are aware of the fact, custom tiles don’t support JavaScript or CSS, we spent good time on researching the possibilities and found an exciting post in one of the Java forums, the post was talking about how to convert JavaScript to Html code. There were a lot of comments; people posted many software’s/applications, but, none of the suggested ways worked. But, eventually, gave us positive energy and made us dig more based on their suggestions.
We finally found a solution that would have saved more than 75% of our time had been someone posted in the forums. Still, we got to know, our god “Google” was the solution to this. Shocked? But true.
Let me tell you the process of how we accomplished the goal!!
Step 1:
Firstly, we went to and searched for the posts that are tagged with “JavaScript” – Fig. 1
posts that are tagged with “JavaScript
Step 2:
Now, I need a place where I could generate code for an RSS widget, should not cost a penny ????, remember, I am not a coding geek, started looking for some online websites that could give us a code for the widget with given dimensions.
We found, a gold mine to generate code for RSS feed widget.
Surfing Waves was effortless to handle, the site needs the RSS feed, dimensions, and color format, that’s it, your code is ready – Fig. 2
 RSS feed widget
Step 3:
So now we have most of the things ready, we have JavaScript code, we have the preview, dimensions, etc.
You will see the magic of Google, how we converted JavaScript to HTML – right click on the preview generated by surfing wave as shown in the Fig. 3 and click on Inspect.
surfing wave
On the elements tab, you can quickly catch hold of the HTML code of the widget – Fig.4
HTML code of the widget
Step 4:
Now log into SuccessFactors LMS, Go to Admin > System Admin > Configuration > Land Page Settings > Create Custom Tile
Fill the details in Step 1 – Tile Settings > Tile Name, show tile for this group, etc. – these steps depend on how you plan.
Next on Step 2 – Configure Content > Give a Title to the tile (here I gave “JavaScript Feed”), give a crispy description – Fig. 5
Finally, select “Source” and paste the code copied from google element tab.
select “Source”
Fig. 5

With JavaScript CodeJavaScript Feed
With HTML CodeJS Feed

Yep! You are done!! You will be able to see a lovely custom tile feed floating every 2 seconds (I made a minor change, the feed was floating every 6 seconds, changed it to 2) – Fig. 6
Still not convinced play the below YouTube video to see it live ????

Likewise, we can have workarounds for most of the requested scenarios, ensure to keep an eye on the latest trends, tip & tricks around the corner and plan to utilize where-ever required.
Note: Remember, this blog is intended to Keep you know the possibilities of how a SuccessFactors consultant can convert a JavaScript code to HTML with fundamental knowledge of HTML and Google. We can use this kind of scenario when you don’t have any option left but to solve the problem. Yes, you can have the code directly written on HTML, but, do remember, we are not coding geeks, and not many clients have coding team in place.
You can find the same blog by the author at following link on SAP site.
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Nagesh: Senior Consultant – SuccessFactors & SAP-HCM, @YASH Technologies

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