Organizations globally are witnessing some of the most turbulent, volatile, and disruptive times in recent history. As organizations seek to understand the evolving challenges and adapt themselves to the new normal, we observe a variety of approaches that they are taking. Most forward-looking organizations are trying to reimagine their business, build resilience to withstand market pressures, and safeguard themselves from any future disruptions. Digital Transformation and strengthening/accelerating the digital journey is turning out to be vital. Organizations need a right business partner who can understand organization needs – challenges and empower them with advisory, services, platforms, and solutions to facilitate these initiatives.

YASH Technologies has built an array of Digital solutions customized to address global organizations’ unique business challenges. Our Digital leaders have architected these easy-to-deploy, easier-to-adapt, and cost-efficient solutions that combine disruptive technologies like Analytics, Cloud, IoT, and Automation, with vertical-functional domain expertise and industry’ best-and-next practices. These change agents are empowering clients across all geographies to differentiate themselves in the market and grow revenues.

Digital Shop floor

Get a single source of truth for all manufacturing metrics across departments, transactions, assets, and people with YASH Factory Scheduling Solution

Marketplace and E-Commerce

Discover how digital technologies have transformed the core of e-commerce to allow sellers to connect with their customers through the web, mobile, and intelligent platforms

Factory Process Automation

Solve business problems with strategic digital tools and accelerators

E-Learning Solution

With an extensive portfolio of elegant on-demand education apps from YASH Technologies, discover how you can facilitate the fast and widespread dissemination of skills and knowledge.

Health Care and Tele-medicine Solution

With custom on-demand virtual healthcare technologies and solutions, our solutions allow you to optimize clinical workflows, reduce operating costs, and improve patient care – from anywhere and anytime.


Discover how you can obtain and analyse rich intelligence from unstructured data quickly, effortlessly, and accurately – to address business challenges and embrace opportunities - in real-time.

Logistics & Transport Solution

With several versatile, out-of-the-box, and open-to-customization solutions, we help you tackle the daily challenges in on-demand logistics for positive balance-sheet gains

Taxi App

Discover how you can give your taxis a digital edge with the most advanced technology, enhanced and sustainable features to drive competitive advantage.


Deliver outstanding business outcomes with YASH HANA expertise, optimize costs and minimize deployment timelines by leveraging proven methodologies, assets, repositories, and conversion capabilities

Mobile Inventory Manager

Get real-time control and visibility of your inventory and warehousing operations


Enable organizations to manage workplace safety and employee well-being in a systematic and best-practices driven manner with quick turnaround times


Construct a robust digital core for chemical enterprises and achieve sustainable cost leadership at optimal costs


Strengthen end-to-end manufacturing performance with a single digital platform


Navigate your wholesale enterprise and address business challenges with ease


Implement business innovations in your technology business and take advantage of the enhanced visibility, control, and agility


Embrace automation and free up the workforce to focus more on strategic innovation


Maximize time to value, performance, and visibility of your valuable resources with a robust business platform


Streamline financial operations in line with global standards and enable an enhanced level of decision making


Give your organization the SAP digital advantage by reimagining end-to-end business processes in your CP enterprise


Harness the power of pre-defined best practices, templates, tools, and training accelerators and drive outstanding employee experiences

Data and Analytics Platform

Share actionable information from across the enterprise with a value-led Data & Analytics Platform and generate value

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