Streamline Data Management and Collaboration for Superior Business Outcomes with AWS DataZone

By: Eshan Jain

Publish Date: April 3, 2023

As the amount and variety of data organizations generate grows, managing and collaborating on that data can become increasingly complex and time-consuming. This is where AWS DataZone comes in – a robust data management and collaboration service that helps organizations streamline their data workflows and drive superior business outcomes. By providing a centralized platform for data management, AWS DataZone enables teams to collaborate more effectively, make faster and better-informed decisions, and ultimately accelerate their growth and success.

The need for DataZone

To ensure data is secure and accessed by the appropriate parties in the right framework, administrators and data owners balance data access with governance. This balancing act necessitates the implementation of effective government policies that consider the different types of data, departments, and use cases within the organization. Unfortunately, many businesses need help to build catalogs to curate their information, enforce consistent data classification, and keep their data up-to-date, which may lead to incomplete or outdated information and, in turn, to suboptimal decision-making.

At its AWS re: Invent 2022 conference, cloud leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced DataZone, a new data management service that “makes it faster and easier for customers to catalog, discover, share, and govern data stored across AWS, on-premises, and third-party sources.” The solution aims to help organizations discover and share data at scale across their work environment. It offers a 360-degree view of all business data, irrespective of where it is stored, and allows employees to collaborate on projects through a consolidated data analytics portal.

Besides giving a personalized view of data available in multiple locations, Amazon DataZone also handles governance and compliance policies. Users can access data per their company’s security regulations. DataZone can extend the applicable administration controls of an organization through its existing investments in AWS Glue Data Catalog, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), and AWS Lake Formation. Managing access control and all permissions from one portal also becomes easy because the solution works within the organization’s digital infrastructure instead of relying on individual credentials.

How DataZone will give enterprises an edge: Features and capabilities

As a data management service, Amazon DataZone enables users to publish/subscribe to business data and make it available to the data catalog via a personalized web application. The four critical components of DataZone include the following:

  • Organization-wide catalog: It improves data visibility with business context for employees to quickly locate and comprehend the information they need for allocated tasks. They can catalog data across the organization in Azure or Google Cloud, on-premises RDBMS databases, or SaaS apps such as SAP & Salesforce. The access to data remains smooth and secure consistently.
  • Publishing and subscribing to workflow with governed data sharing: There is an automated workflow to secure data between its creators and consumers effectively. DataZone ensures that users can access the correct details for genuine business purposes. The enterprise can also streamline audits to review who accesses which dataset and for what reason and track usage and costs of maintaining data across business units.
  • Projects: This feature simplifies access to AWS analytics by building categories of people, data components, and analytical tools as per different business use cases. DataZone projects offer a secure space for team members to communicate efficiently and share/ access the data they need to complete their tasks. A project’s security becomes stronger because access to data and analytical tools is provided exclusively to those added to it. DataZone decentralizes data ownership with federated administration and manages the ownership of generated data assets as per the policies deployed by data stewards.
  • Portal (beyond the AWS management console): The Amazon DataZone platform includes a personalized homepage that encourages exploration and drives innovation to build integrated experiences with mission-critical data. It enables organized cross-functional communication for the employees working with data and analytical tools in a self-service manner outside the AWS management console.



Maximize the value of your data while ensuring governance and control

DataZone enables organizations to maximize the value of massive volumes and a variety of data while managing the same at scale. It helps them find the right balance between data access, governance, and control. Businesses adopting the solution can:

  • Use bespoke business taxonomy to find and share cataloged data saved on AWS, third-party cloud, and on-premises platforms.
  • Improve their productivity with seamless team collaboration and facilitate access to data and analytics tools in self-service ways.
  • Personalize web portal page views to discover, access, and explore data
  • Democratize authorized employees’ access to the data they need and govern it as per business compliance policies.


AWS introduced DataZone to make data more accessible in a governed manner because too much control tends to lock it in silos and limits its usage for business innovation. At the same time, DataZone prevents data leakage into zones where it should not flow. It ensures the privacy and security of the information typically related to customers, employees, business finances, and the attributes that make an organization’s products and services unique.

YASH Technologies’ extensive experience and close collaboration with AWS enable it to assist organizations in leveraging the most recent solutions introduced by the brand. Want to unlock the high value of your data stored across locations and maximize the security of assets critical to your business growth and customer experience? We can help by deploying the feature-rich Amazon DataZone.

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Eshan Jain
Eshan Jain

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