How can SAP aid workflow and supply chain inefficiencies?
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How can SAP aid workflow and supply chain inefficiencies?

By: Greg Rasp

Publish Date: March 11, 2022

When global supply chains operate smoothly, our lives run smoothly. We rarely hear about them. However, when there is a shortfall in the availability of goods ranging from medical items to semiconductors to toilet paper, we start searching for that someone or something to blame for these shortages. Supply chains are usually the target of everyone’s ire.

The most recent example is the one witnessed during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, where there was a shortage of critical medicines and oxygen concentrators. These shortages affected patients, hospitals, and companies across the country. The impact of supply chain inefficiency is felt when our lives go haywire. The most recent supply chain issues have forced businesses to rethink their supply chain models to make them more efficient.

When distributors try to scale up operations to fulfill customer orders with suppliers, it can often lead to supply chain issues. For example, if a company is dealing with multiple backorders, a slow fulfillment rate, and poor customer service, they will begin to witness a decrease in orders while customers look for alternative competitors to satisfy their needs. So, what can be done?

For a company to maximize its profits, the flow of goods must be quick and accurate, and a well-functioning supply chain can make that happen. So, how can your supply chain overcome any inefficiencies?

In today’s evermore complex and rapidly evolving business landscape, mastering uncertainty has become the new competitive edge. Agility and foresight are the future currency of success. Only an “Intelligent Enterprise” is best equipped to thrive. Yet, for far too many companies, the pathway to intelligence has remained formidable and elusive. RISE with SAP is the all-new all-in-one solution designed to allow your company to achieve that goal, irrespective of your starting point and time frame.

RISE with SAP facilitates your transition like never seen before. It bundles together under the same roof the tools, guidance, and support systems needed to become truly fit for the future. Moreover, it empowers you to chart your own unique course in whatever manner works best for you – regardless of whether you are currently using a legacy ERP, deploying the on-premises version of SAP S4/HANA or just starting out your ERP journey.

Rise with SAP takes the hassle, stress, and complexity out of the business transformation experience thus enabling you to get to where you need to go. You will end up with:

  • A future-proof business fit for handling tomorrow’s changes.
  • Accelerated outcomes with a fast time to value.
  • Up to 20% lower TCO than traditional on-premises ERP deployment – including the one-time migration cost over five years.

With Rise with SAP is your concierge to an “intelligent enterprise”. A single offer on a single contract that provides a path for every customer. Tailored exactly to your needs. All without high upfront investment, but with a reduced TCO, fast time to value, and the flexibility you need in a world that keeps moving faster and faster.

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