Warba Bank Elevates IT Operations with YASH and ServiceNow

Kuwait City, Kuwait – February 26, 2024 – Warba Bank, a pioneering financial institution in Kuwait, announces a groundbreaking transformation in its IT operations through a strategic collaboration with YASH Technologies and ServiceNow. This partnership marks a significant milestone


in Warba Bank’s journey towards enhancing its services’ efficiency, scalability, and customer-centricity. Warba Bank is poised to revolutionize its IT operations and set new benchmarks for excellence in the banking industry by harnessing the YASH domain, consulting expertise, and the ServiceNow platform.

Mr. Khaled Abden of Warba Bank said, “YASH’s ITSM solution is a game-changer for Warba Bank’s IT operations. The dramatic reduction in account-related requests and overall efficiency improvements have allowed us to focus on delivering exceptional banking experiences to our customers. This strategic move perfectly aligns with our core values and commitment to innovation. We are grateful for YASH’s expertise and partnership in helping us achieve this remarkable transformation”.

In response to the evolving demands of the digital landscape and the increasing need for streamlined IT processes, Warba Bank has embarked on a comprehensive modernization initiative. With a commitment to delivering superior banking experiences, Warba Bank selected YASH Technologies as its trusted partner to implement a robust IT Service Management (ITSM) solution powered by ServiceNow.

Gautam Gupta, Country Head for Kuwait and Qatar, YASH Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “YASH is proud to partner with Warba Bank on this pivotal initiative to elevate their technology infrastructure. “We’re confident that this partnership will address Warba Bank’s immediate needs and pave the way for future innovation and industry leadership,” He added. “This collaboration extends beyond implementation; it signifies our commitment to transforming the Islamic banking landscape through leading-edge solutions that deliver compelling business value,” he added.

ServiceNow’s ITSM solution is renowned for optimizing IT workflows, automating repetitive tasks, and enhancing collaboration across departments. YASH Technologies, a leading global technology integrator, brings extensive expertise in digital transformation and IT solutions tailored to the banking sector. Leveraging their deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and best practices, YASH collaborated closely with Warba Bank to deploy ServiceNow’s cutting-edge ITSM platform to streamline incident management, accelerate problem resolution, and improve service delivery efficiency.

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Warba Bank Elevates IT Operations with YASH and ServiceNow

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