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SAP Environment Health and Safety Management solution for sustainable future

By: | Yogesh Nagpal

Publish Date: September 1, 2017

Deepwater Horizon explosion in 2010 resulted in one of the most devastating environmental disasters, raised an important question – do organizations have strong enough EHS procedures, controls, and systems to prevent similar hazards from occurring again.

Some other similar incidences took place across India which created big question mark on the safety readiness in some companies across India. Here are the links of the tragedies that hit organizations across India.
Sterlite copper plant in TN shut down after gas leak
Fire in chemical plant in Tarapur

Every business and organization today has a socio -legal and compliance responsibility to protect the environment at its best and ensure the health and safety of their employees. Fulfilling this responsibility is just as important as achieving any other strategic objective or business KPIs. Hence Sustainability is no more just an option, but a driver towards the continuous growth & momentum.
Companies that aspire to be flagship environmental stewards do invest in strong environmental, health and safety management systems, processes and tools. From an environmental perspective, it involves creating a systematic approach to managing compliance data, waste, complying with environmental regulations, air quality, and other aspects of workplace safety or reducing the company’s carbon footprint.
With changing times, EH&S regulations are becoming more complex and demanding,  resulting in higher compliance costs for the enterprise. The fact is that one error in the management of the environment, health, and safety areas can cause damage and harm the value of the company’s image, while the effective management of these requirements strengthens the company and saves money as well as the reputation in the long term. Most of the companies running on ERP backbone look for integrated EHS solution, and it is the key driver for businesses that have SAP as their backbone. We see a growing adoption of these EHS solutions across India, China, Middle East, APAC regions.
SAP environment, health, and safety is an integrated tool that allows the company to manage EH&S in the areas of product compliance, industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, waste management, environmental compliance and the sustainability reporting processes. SAP EH&S is, therefore, a complete and comprehensive solution package for the management of product and material compliance developed for all types of industries, regardless of the organization’s size. On one end this gives you structured and organized reporting, on the other, it also provides a stable framework to manage your incidents and report data.
These solutions are available in smaller packages and more interactive and user-friendly interfaces and come with a lot of reporting and statue forms to meet local legal requirements. For solutions like incident management, there are a lot of mobile applications, smart dashboards, integrated workflows, ready reports and intelligent forms available as the part of the package. Activity tracking, task monitoring, and compliance reporting are also integral components of the solution. Similar features and enhancements are available for SDS management, volume tracking, label management, dangerous goods management, permit management, change management, risk management, activity/task management, energy and environment compliance and other related solutions.
No doubt solutions like these are growing in popularity because of increasing awareness and concern for the safety as well as the environment. It’s the need of the hour for the mature organizations to make EHS KPI as an integral component in measuring success and hence help build towards a clean, green and safe environment for the generations to come.
YASH Technologies is a recognized partner in the EHS solution space. Over past decade and more we have developed a mature sustainability and EHS practice, consisting of various techno functional domain and IT experts coming from varied industry segments. We do support many global clients in SAP EHS solution consulting, training, implementation services and planning their long-term sustainability roadmap. We are one of SAP’s strategic partners around EHS subject for new solution development, testing, and a contributing partner around this niche solution area.
Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns around EHS and sustainability subject, or need a quick assessment of your EHS operations/procedures and hence chart out a long term EHS process and technology roadmap. Our expert consultants would be happy to help you in your EHS compliance journey.
Yogesh Nagpal Principal Consultant, Pre-Sales head SAP EHS @ YASH Technologies

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