Factory Automation

Factory Automation – The Key to Digital Transformation!

By: Krenal Chauhan

Publish Date: September 22, 2022

The Manufacturing sector has a massive contribution to the U.S. economic state. According to the NAM, for every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $2.74 are added to the economy.  Manufacturers are ramping up investments in driving efficiencies and effectiveness with automation in manufacturing, as per CNBC, resulting in 30-40% productivity gains. It is no wonder that the Factory automation market is increasing and will likely reach $ 400 billion by the end of this decade.

4 Quantifiable Benefits of Factory Automation – Away from the hype

1. Increased Efficiency

Manufacturers deal with multiple projects and tackle various complexities; here, speed genuinely matters!

Factory automation that involves end-to-end automation of manufacturing operations contributes to a massive increase in efficiency, further accelerating production processes.

The percentage increase may vary with the company, the type of product manufactured, and the intricacies involved in the process. But on average, factory automation customized to meet your specific manufacturing increases efficiency by up to 25-30%.

The initial investment is significant. But if manufacturers focus on the bigger picture, they are bound to realize a substantial growth in revenue and profitability. Many factories today use innovative technology for the various stages of production because it helps them produce more in less time.

But the best part about automation is that it can double or even triple production. Fully automated equipment runs longer and requires next to no maintenance.

2. Enhanced Process Accuracy

Process accuracy isn’t only about manufacturing with strict adherence to SLAs. But it also refers to enhanced product consistency, reduced manual errors, and the ability to identify the mistakes proactively.

Factory automation addresses all these concerns. With manual processes, the error rate is in the approximate range of 1 and 1.20 percent. But with automation programmed to the needs of a particular project and its process requirements, the error rate is lowered to 0.00001-0.00002 percent.

AI-powered factory automation solutions can significantly strengthen the ability of companies to respond to market changes, sense situations, and deal with uncertainties better.

3. Increased Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is a crucial concern in every industry. But with the manufacturing industry, it is critical, as manufacturing involves using a variety of machines that require meticulous handling.

The most common injuries include contact with harmful objects, overexertion, slips and falls, repetitive motion, and physical contact with toxic chemicals or substances. To err is human. But human errors are often the cause of workplace accidents. Here, factory automation can help.

Factory automation eliminates the need to employ a massive workforce to perform a particular. Programmed robots can help you automate everything from raw material loading to logistics. It can help reduce or eliminate three out of five significant causes of workplace accidents, thus decreasing workplace injuries by up to 70%, saving lives, and saving billions of dollars for companies.

4. Reduced Operational Costs

At its core, automation uses software and machinery to increase production efficiency. Through these systems, manufacturers can lower the number of steps involved in creating any product. These systems help manufacturers reduce operating costs, which cuts expenses and increases profit.

Additionally, from reducing the workforce to saving various administrative costs, automation robots can help companies cut costs by about 22-40%!

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Our experts focus on delivering value through end-to-end manufacturing transformation. Thus, we craft bespoke factory automation solutions to translate your vision and RoI expectations into a reality. Our enterprise business planning systems enable real-time visibility. On the other hand, our intelligent automation solutions enhance interoperability and adaptive manufacturing.

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