Using Custom Navigation and Action Search to Ease the Navigation to “LMS Administration”

By: | Raj Jogam

Publish Date: July 11, 2017

While reviewing an existing SF Leaning management deployment recently, I was surprised to see among a lot of things that the implementation partner consultants did not provide ease of navigation for LMS administrators between learning assignments (or BizX in General) and learning administration.
The out of the box navigation to learning administration that most companies use is to navigate from anywhere in BizX is Admin Center /a Click Leaning /a Learning Administration. That is about three clicks.
But using custom navigation, we can reduce the number of clicks and navigate to LMS administration very easily with a single click.
In the following section, I am going to explain the configuration steps to perform this.
Step 1 – Enable Configure “Custom Navigation in provisioning.”
Account /a  Company Settings /a Configure Custom Navigation
Step 2 – Once, “Configure Custom Navigation” is enabled in the instance, you will be now able to configure custom navigations by navigating to Admin Centre a Company Settings a Configure Custom Navigation or by action search

Action search

Step 3 – Configure custom Navigation link to Learning Administration
Menu Item Label – Any Label the customer prefers. One may put a label like “Learning Admin. This label can also be localized using the Launch Locale Editor.
ID – A Unique identifier. Can be Alpha Numeric
Link Type – Options are External Link (New Browser), External Links (same Browser) and Internal Link.
The navigation to LMS is an internal navigation within SuccessFactors, Choose Internal Link and provide deep link to Learning Administration
URL- Provide a deep link to Learning Admin  “https://{tenantid}”
Menu Location – Provide where this option is made available from. Ideally, choose the top navigation and the active search.

  • Top Navigation ensure this option gets available under the menu navigation
  • Action search Helps to search and navigate from the action search Permissions – Mention for which groups this option will be made available to. My recommendation is that this should be only made available to learning admin group.
    Now LMS Admin option would be available to learning admin group via top navigation and action search which is a very good thing.

Action Search

Top Navigation Link
Note: The custom learning admin actions are visible in Manage Action Search immediately, but it may take up few minutes to be visible in action search results. (based on my experience).

While the navigation option configuration is easy and clean from the BizX side, Navigation from LMS admin back to BizX has certain limitations.
We can configure only one URL to navigate to BizX from LMS admin.
The general options/preferences are one of the following:

  1. BizX Admin tools – Standard out of the box.
  2. My Learning assignments – Generally preferred by LMS only clients
  3. Bizz Homepage.

While option one does not need any additional configuration, the configuration steps are given below need to be performed to navigate directly to either learning assignments or BizX Homepage.
Configure the navigation back to BizX. Navigate to LMS System Administration /a Configuration /a System Configuration /a BizX. Update parameters
SuccessFactorsAdminToolsPath – where do you want to navigate back from LMS Admin.

  • To navigate back Learning assignments – update this parameter with value ‘/sf/learning.’
  • To navigate back BizX Home – update this parameter with value ‘/sf/home.’

One Final piece of configuration is to change the label of the label ID “label.AdminTools

Now LMS Admins will be able to navigate from LMS Administration back to BizX home, learning or administration.

In short, the custom navigation helps LMS administrators with reduced clicks, ease of navigation and ‘lesser’ frustration from the learning department.

Raj Jogam Lead Consultant SAP-HCM, @YASH Technologies
You can find the same blog posted on SAP Blog Site accessible at the following link.

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