Core Values

Our foundational principles define who YASH is today.

Our foundational principles define who YASH is today. These are five the pillars on which our organizational structure is standing – proud and touching the sky.

Customer Centricity: Who are we without our customers? Nobody! That is why customer centricity is one of our strongest attribute. We respond to the changing customer’s business needs and expectations to enable the highest degree of customer experience.

Employee Focus: If customers are our heart, our employees are our soul. Our employees are the growth agents for us and we have immense pride in them. We give them the right platform to grow, tools to improve their performance and an environment that motivates and supports them to drive innovation.

Innovation: Innovation not only improves numbers, it helps you survive and sustain. As champions of future-centric technologies, we leverage these to help foster meaningful innovation targeted towards 360 degree improvement of our customers.

Agility: Flexibility and responsiveness is our mantra for engaging with customers and employees. With carefully curated engagement plans, we give utmost emphasis to the vision and aspirations of our people and customers. This helps to keep us agile, and flexible leading to higher degree of “delight”


Trust: Whatever we do, we try to generate a sense of assurance – of bringing change for our customers, employees and society. This confidence that our customers repose in our capabilities, and the confidence shown by our employees regarding their career growth and the confidence shown by the society for driving the up-liftment is the token which we always look forward to receive.

These values are in our DNA thereby defining our culture, and behaviour. Our people imbibe these values which keep them inspired and motivated to engage with the clients and serve the societies.

As a high-performing enterprise, YASH is in constant pursuit of engaging with the talent which has old-world maturity, unrelenting passion and millennial outlook. With structured trainings, methodical counselling, entrepreneurial ecosystem and customized development programs, we ensure our values reflect in the way our people interact, execute and manage their tasks. After all, they are the biggest ambassadors of YASH!

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