Maximise your engagement across all HR stakeholders

Maximise your engagement across all HR stakeholders

In a short period, workforce management has undergone a radical change. Best practices continue to improve as new technologies such as AI-enhanced forecasting and scheduling become the preferred alternatives. While certain adjustments have been mandated, COVID-19 is also a key catalyst for HR management to reimagine the future of work. Thus, it is imperative that, as an organization, you invest in cutting-edge solutions and technology that will alter the way you manage your workforce.

Re-thinking your HR strategies in today’s rapid business environment? Join hands with YASH Technologies

The working environment and what a workforce generally looks like have transformed nearly beyond recognition in the last year. Full-time and part-time workers, freelancers, contractors, and outsourced labor, to mention a few, now make up the full-time 9-5 in-house workforce. As we adapt to automation and creative technologies, the landscape has shifted from digitizing the connection between company and customer to digitizing the relationship between employer and employee. Any company hoping to maintain a competitive advantage in the coming decade must stay on top of these workforce shifts and address them head-on, putting itself in a solid position to retain personnel and recruit new talent as the situation stabilizes.

It is becoming increasingly important to treat employees as ‘internal customers’ and acknowledge them as the backbone of any organization to fulfill constantly changing workforces’ requirements. It also entails emphasizing employees’ critical role in driving corporate success. YASH Technologies has been at the forefront of assisting large enterprises worldwide to capitalize on this trend and change their HR strategies. To aid with this, we have created frameworks, techniques, tools, and accelerators for HR specialists and thought leaders to collaborate with clients to help them become “people-first” businesses that effectively integrate “goal-performance orientation” and provide exceptional employee experience.

Key takeaways:

  • 120+ SAP HCM & SF Professionals
  • SuccessFactors Consulting Partner
  • Global reach and in-country expertise
  • Full coverage of all HR processes

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Akshay has been associated with SAP for more than eight years, helping organizations chart their digital transformation journey.

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