Cyber Security Briefing & Strategies 2022, In a time of Pandemic & War!

Cyber Security Briefing & Strategies 2022, In a time of Pandemic & War!

Threat actors are more advanced today to penetrate multiple platforms. As businesses build cross-platform technologies to deliver services, ransomware also makes inroads by taking advantage of cross-platform capabilities. Hence, for every organization, defense strategy must be 360* degrees, including the human element.

In collaboration with TEC, YASH Technologies participated in an interactive session to share the best cyber security practices, ransomware trends in 2022, etc.

Takeaways from the session:

  • Cyber Security & Ransomware Trends
  • Key Strategies for threat minimization
  • What to do if an incident occurs
  • Cyber Security New Strategies & Tools and More!

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Know our speakers

Alex Jarett

Founder / Executive Director of - Technology Executives Club®

• Alex Jarett is the Founder & CEO, Technology Executives Club® and host of CIOs Unleashed!™

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Mark Donald Baske

Assistant Vice President – Cyber Security Services

Mark is a cyber security AVP at YASH with 15+ years of experience working in government and private sector with focus on Cyber Security, Digital intelligence, Risk & compliance solutions.

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Senthilvel Kumar

Vice President – Cyber Security Services

Senthil is a cyber security Practice Head and VP at YASH offering advisory on cyber security solutions to CxO's, CISO, Board Level Executives for building a robust security modernization programme covering on-prem and Cloud.