Location: Mid West

Title: Senior Data Engineer

As these positions are based out of U.S., candidates who are eligible to work in U.S. are encouraged to apply.

  Job Description:
  • Design, develop, and test solutions for transforming raw data into cleansed, standardized data
  • Ensure solutions accommodate scalable data processing systems for large data sets
  • Develop solutions for data anomalies, de-identification, data preparation, and visualization
  • Program in Python and R using our platform tools, such as Jupyter Notebooks and R Studio
  • Translate and transform data from a variety of data formats (relational databases – both internal and cloud, XML, JSON, Excel, SAS, or CSV)
  • Quickly respond to changes in processes, sources, or priorities
  • Experience automating extract, transform, and load processes in a high-volume data service environment
  • Experience deploying and debugging complex ETL processes
  • Expertise in developing automation and procedures to collect, transform, standardize, and process the extracted data
  • Experience in Python, R, Scala, UNIX, and Java
  • Familiarity with our platform tools, such as AWS, Jupyter Notebooks and R Studio

Please forward your resume/contact information to: girish.bandaru@yash.com