YASH Technologies Welcomes Launch of New AWS Middle East Region in the UAE

UAE, September 14, 2022: YASH Technologies, a leading global technology integrator, and outsourcing specialist, enthusiastically welcomes the launch of the AWS Middle East (UAE) Region, which will support the acceleration of innovation and digital transformation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The new AWS Middle East (UAE) Region consists of three Availability Zones (AZs) and becomes AWS’s second region in the Middle East, with the existing AWS Region in Bahrain, launched in 2019. It will give organizations even more extensive choices for running their applications and serving end users from data centers in the UAE, using advanced AWS technologies to drive innovation.

YASH Technologies provides end-to-end solutions to migrate and manage operations on AWS. As an ‘AWS SAP Competency Partner’ and a globally renowned provider of SAP services. YASH has extensive experience assisting enterprises in migrating and managing SAP Landscapes on the AWS platform while ensuring agility with high performance. The highly acknowledged YASH Technologies ASCENT Next-Gen services and delivery framework enables businesses to confidently migrate and run SAP applications on AWS.

“We would like to congratulate AWS on this significant milestone. YASH Technologies has been a trusted AWS APN member for more than a decade. Together with AWS, YASH has been helping customers in the Middle East to transform them into agile, resilient, and purpose-driven businesses that deliver revenue growth and sustained value creation”, said James Griffin, Managing Director, YASH Technologies, Middle East. “YASH services with AWS combine cloud solutions with a hands-on approach to help organizations accelerate their cloud transformation. We are confident that the combined strengths of YASH and AWS will support our clients from strategy to execution in their forward-looking cloud transformation journey.”

AWS Regions are composed of Availability Zones that place infrastructure in separate and distinct geographic locations. Availability Zones are located far enough from each other to support customers’ business continuity but near enough to provide low latency for high availability applications that use multiple Availability Zones. Each Availability Zone has independent power, cooling, and physical security and is connected through redundant, ultra-low latency networks. AWS customers focused on high availability can design their applications to run in multiple Availability Zones to achieve even greater fault tolerance. The launch of the AWS Middle East (UAE) Region will enable local customers with data residency requirements to store data securely in the UAE while providing customers with even lower latency across the country.

About YASH Technologies

YASH Technologies focuses on enabling its customers to succeed and drive outcome-centric Digital Transformation throughout their enterprise. As a leading system integrator and outsourcing partner for large and fast-growing global clients, YASH combines operational and IT technology with flexible business models to enable value-driven innovation. YASH’s customer-centric engagement framework integrates strong domain expertise and consulting capabilities with proprietary methodologies to provision digital, application, and infrastructure services. Headquartered in the U.S., with delivery and sales centers globally, YASH serves its customers across six continents. YASH is a CMMI DEV V2.0 Level 5 & an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 20000:2011 certified organization. For more information, please visit www.yash.com   or email info@yash.com

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