YASH Technologies to Lead Generative AI Discussions at Data Innovation Summit, MEA 2024

Dubai, UAE – May 2, 2024: YASH Technologies, a leading global technology integration and outsourcing provider, announced its participation as a premier exhibitor and workshop partner at the upcoming Data Innovation Summit, MEA, in Dubai on May 8-9, 2024. YASH will leverage this platform to showcase its capabilities in developing, implementing, and scaling generative AI (Gen AI) platforms specifically designed for enterprise environments.

“YASH Technologies specializes in transforming businesses by developing comprehensive data strategies to enhance business value and achieve desired outcomes. Our industry thought leaders are dedicated to leveraging futuristic technologies to address business challenges and drive innovation”, said Nitin Gupta – Global Head of Digital and Infrastructure Services at YASH Technologies. “At the Data Innovation Summit, we focused on enabling and advising clients toward building and using scalable Gen AI platforms that deliver tangible results with practical-insightful workshops and exhibits, guiding them.”

During the event, YASH will host an in-depth workshop titled “Building Secure and Scalable Gen AI Platforms for the Enterprise.” This session will equip businesses with the knowledge to confidently leverage Gen AI by exploring critical focus areas:

  • Scalable and Secure Gen AI Platform for Enterprises: Deep dive into the architecture, technologies, and methodologies that underpin scalable and robust generative AI platforms, including modular design and security.
  • Building, Fine-tuning, and Evaluating RAG Applications: Efficiently bringing Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) LLM applications into production by enhancing retrieval techniques
  • LLMOps – Building a pipeline for data pre-processing and fine-tuning an LLM, versioning data and models, and enabling responsible AI by measuring safety scores on harmful content.
  • Monitoring LLM Applications: To safeguard LLM applications, monitor, enhance security measures, and detect and prevent critical security threats like hallucinations, jailbreaks, and data leakage over time.
  • Responsible AI: Tuning and evaluating large language models (LLMs) using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback.
  • Security & Data Protection: Security implementation for data protection.

YASH takes a comprehensive data-centric approach by helping manage the entire data lifecycle to maximize business impact. This involves streamlining data and analytics processes, fostering connections between known and unknown data points within the organization, and enabling the large-scale deployment of innovative solutions. YASH’s extensive enablers, including AI/ML accelerators and industry-specific models, also empower businesses to modernize their technology infrastructure and unlock real-time decision-making to maximize outcomes.

About YASH Technologies:

YASH Technologies focuses on enabling its customers to reimagine their businesses and drive outcome-centric Digital Transformation. As a leading technology integrator and outsourcing partner for large and fast-growing global customers, YASH leverages strategic advisory, technology consulting, and flexible business models to help customers realize value from their digital journey while fostering innovation. YASH’s customer-centric & consultative engagement framework integrates specialized domain & consulting capabilities with proprietary methodologies and digital solutions to provide secure application, cloud, infrastructure, engineering, and end-user-focused services for discerning customers globally. Headquartered in the US, with delivery and sales centers globally, YASH serves its customers across six continents. YASH is CMMI DEV V2.0 Level 5 & an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 20000:2011 certified organization. For more information, please visit www.yash.com  or email info@yash.com

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