YASH Technologies Elevates AWS Service Delivery Designation with AWS Glue Integration

Moline, IL, and Hyderabad, India – December 19, 2023 – YASH Technologies, a global technology services and outsourcing provider, proudly announces the achievement of the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Service Delivery designation for AWS Glue, underscoring its excellence in data integration, pipeline development, and catalog use cases.

By seamlessly integrating AWS Glue as a central component in our Cloud Data Platform accelerators, YASH harnesses its native features to craft highly reusable, consistent, optimized, and efficient data pipelines.

Nitin Kumar Gupta, Global Head of Digital and Infrastructure Services, YASH Technologies, said, “This strategic integration not only showcases our extensive experience in end-to-end data and analytics projects but also significantly reduces the time to market for new applications. Our understanding of AWS Glue Service and other AWS Analytics Services ensures optimal performance, security, reliability, and cost efficiency in every solution we deliver.”

YASH’s modular data platform development approach enables centralized processes for easy maintenance. The company leverages its AWS and digital technologies expertise to automate data processing tasks, eliminating manual effort, accelerating access to valuable insights, and bringing a host of benefits to its clients.

As a trusted member of the AWS Partner Network, YASH Technologies continues to invest in AWS native service adoption, ensuring clients benefit from the latest advancements, with AWS Glue at the forefront. This achievement positions YASH as a distinguished AWS Partner, recognized for its deep understanding and successful application of AWS services.

To learn more about YASH Technologies’ AWS Glue services, please visit: https://www.yash.com/coe/aws/aws-glue-services/

About YASH Technologies

YASH Technologies focuses on enabling its customers to reimagine their businesses and drive outcome-centric Digital Transformation. As a leading technology integrator and outsourcing partner for large and fast-growing global customers, YASH leverages strategic advisory, technology consulting, and flexible business models to help customers realize value from their digital journey while fostering innovation. YASH’s customer-centric & consultative engagement framework integrates specialized domain & consulting capabilities with proprietary methodologies and digital solutions to provide secure application, cloud, infrastructure, engineering, and end-user-focused services for discerning customers globally. Headquartered in the US, with delivery and sales centers globally, YASH serves its customers across six continents. YASH is CMMI DEV V2.0 Level 5 & an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 20000:2011 certified organization. For more information, please visit www.yash.com  or email info@yash.com

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