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Enterprises are adapting to the changes driven by the millennial generation and looking for ways to achieve significant returns on their investments in IT Application Management Services (AMS) while optimizing their expenses. Today’s AMS landscape is defined by analytics and automation, which provide precision and agility. The infusion of Artificial Intelligence drives this evolution even further, enhancing analytical abilities and operational agility.

In this podcast, our expert, Srikanth Karunam, will guide you through the transformative realm of generative AI. You will learn about its role in reshaping IT application management and explore practical use cases that have fueled a significant (and sustained) surge of interest. Generative AI’s real-world impact is vividly demonstrated through success stories, with ChatGPT emerging as a notable example. Join us to discover the synergies reshaping traditional AMS structures, moving beyond break-fix maintenance into a new era of innovation.

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Host and Speaker

Srikanth Karunam

Program Manager

With over 18 years of experience in IT consulting specializing in SAP (ERP), Srikanth brings a proven track record in managing complex projects, nurturing strong client relationships, and handling multi-regional projects. As an SAP and PMP-certified executive, he has experience delivering enterprise solutions and providing project executive coverage, project management, and functional architecture across SAP sales and implementation engagements.