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ServiceNow: The Secret Weapon for Retail & Hospitality Success

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Building Loyalty in the highly dynamic Retail & Hospitality World is crucial for sustaining business and growing profitably. Transform your business to prioritize unforgettable customer experiences while achieving operational excellence. ServiceNow helps you connect your teams, workflows, and systems—all on a single, integrated platform, giving an outstanding customer experience.

In this podcast, we will talk about:

  • The key challenges and trends shaping digital transformation in retail and hospitality.
  • How ServiceNow helps businesses address these challenges.
  • The ServiceNow solution portfolio for retail and hospitality.
  • What are best-in-class retailers focusing on in their digital transformation efforts?


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Host and Speaker

Suvro Goswami

Global Head Retail Go to Market – ServiceNow

Suvro is a driven leader with top management consulting experience who can develop and implement strategic and operational improvements, organize and lead teams to success, and find creative solutions to complicated problems. Possesses excellent analytical and communication skills, with a strong intrinsic ability to learn and excel in unfamiliar and changing environments.

Bharat Ram Kumar Nutakki

Sr. Practice Manager – ServiceNow YASH Technologies

Bharath is a Senior IT professional with over 18 years of rich & insightful experience across Pre-sales, planning & budgeting, technology implementation, practice building, transition, and global delivery. Over the years, he has excelled in driving large & complex teams, driving operations to support business objectives, with a firm eye on improving processes, technologies, and overall functionalities across organizations.