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Protecting Your Business Services While Onboarding API into Your Digital Journey

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APIs are critical for modern mobile, SaaS, and Web applications. They are used in every industry, from banks, retail, medical, and transportation to IoT, autonomous vehicles, and intelligent cities. It is a type of interface which allows a product or service to talk to other products or services. This makes API security very important for any organization to ensure all operations are going without hiccups. Simply put, an API security breach can collapse an organization’s reputation by completely stalling all functions within a fraction of a second.

In today’s episode, we will talk about what an API is, why it is vital for organizations, its impact on our daily life, and much

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Host and Speaker

Kotresh V B

Technical Architect

Kotresh is a Technical Architect at YASH Technologies, specialized in Web application security across all phases of SDLC playing a role of SME across Application, Mobile, SAST and API security.

Senthilvel Kumar

Vice President – Cybersecurity Services

Senthil is a cyber security Practice Head and VP at YASH offering advisory on cyber security solutions to CxO's, CISO, Board Level Executives for building a robust security modernization programme covering on-prem and Cloud.