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Are these some of the questions that you often come across when managing SAP landscapes:

  • What proactive measures can we take to address issues such as system performance, security, and downtime?
  • What best practices are recommended for managing SAP landscapes effectively?
  • How can we approach technical issues like program performance and month-end closures?
    How do we ensure streamlined operations and enhanced user experiences?
    Why is it important for businesses to stay updated with the latest SAP support packs and security patches?

The list is endless.

Our latest podcast discusses some of the most common challenges faced by our customers in managing their SAP landscape and how YASH is spearheading solutions to overcome these obstacles.

Hosted by Srinivas Kommu, the podcast sheds light on the intricate issues encountered by organizations navigating ECC and S/4 HANA landscapes. With our extensive experience, we’ve not only tackled multiple challenges head-on but also proactively introduced value additions to enhance productivity and ensure seamless business operations.

From BASIS to security, the podcast discusses a myriad of concerns plaguing SAP systems and how our innovative approach addresses these. From developing monitoring tools to tracking system performance around the clock, automating alerts for critical issues such as job failures and CPU spikes, and advocating for regular security updates and patches to mitigate risks.

Download the podcast now to discover how YASH is helping optimize SAP landscape management for businesses worldwide.


Host and Speaker

Srinivas Kommu

SAP Delivery Manager

SAP Delivery Manager with 20+ years of rich experience which entails 12+ years of experience in SAP Delivery and Program Management managing multiple AMS support projects in a shared support model.