Move beyond inventory reduction to optimized profitability with Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions


Changing dynamics in the global economy make it vital for supply chain organizations to innovate, optimize costs, and improve profitability. Segment your supply chains, enable flexibility, and ensure transparency and liable operations with YASH Supply Chain Management services. An organization’s supply chain can define its successful growth, and with rising pressure to deliver multiple, often conflicting objectives like increased cost and excellent customer service, organizations often look for new alternatives to manage these complexities.

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YASH’s experienced supply chain consultants help to meet your business goals and needs through their deep experience and established methodologies to assess, define, and implement qualifying supply chain capabilities to meet business objectives. YASH offers a variety of services to address all aspects of a supply chain transformation journey, consisting strategy, operating model, process, and technology:

  • Vision and Strategy: Designing and translating the corporate vision for achieving high performance both in traditional supply chains and service operations
  • Operating Model: Architecting a new blueprint that closely relates to the supply chain vision and strategy for improvised efficiency of the supply chain execution
  • Value Transformation and Optimization: Value identification in supply chain processes and service operations by transformation
  • Daily forecasting capability
  • Enhanced vendor-managed inventory planning and simulation: fully integrated with corporate demand and supply planning
  • Capacity-constrained supply plan with future shortages highlighted for exception management
  • Ability to modify planned orders in the business planning and simulation tool and track execution changes

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Service Parts Management & Solutions

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YASH combines best practices with the latest technology offerings such as cloud for hosted environments and software-as-a-service options to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs as well as overall cost of ownership. Equipped with rapid deployment solutions that get organizations up and running quickly, YASH also provides advisory, technology, Supply Chain Management (SCM) process outsourcing, and hosting services for the entire spectrum of the supply chain that includes post-sales supply chain, private label management, supply chain visibility and collaboration, BI and supply chain analytics, and comprehensive supply chain visibility including supplier and distributer visibility.

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