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SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Test Automation Tool

By: | Shabarinath Gupta

Publish Date: March 7, 2019

Testing in the S/4HANA cloud made easy!
Adoption of the Cloud technology is a new age global trend across the world in the small, mid-size and large companies. Moving to cloud technology helps to cut down infrastructure costs, faster time-to-market, and achieve higher ROI.
SAP’s strategy in the S/4 HANA cloud space is to release a new version every quarter with newer and enhanced functionalities to bring it on par with the on-premise version of S/4 HANA. This strategy of releasing a new version every quarter hurts the clients/customer who is already on the S/4 HANA cloud is that their internal IT team must go through a thorough round of regression testing of the functionalities before releasing the new version to the business. This involves testing of the existing and also the delta functionality released in the new version and the impact of the new release on the custom code/enhancements already in place in the current system.
Challenge in this strategy of releasing a version every three months is that you would need a team of IT professionals constantly available round the clock to perform the upgrade, testing, documentation and the training of the end users which in turn increases the cost; this defeats the primary purpose or goal of implementing cloud technology. This blog is an attempt to draw attention to the tools available at hand to simplify the process of testing, documentation, and training.
SAP has come up with a test automation tool in S/4 HANA cloud to simplify the process which aids in completing so many activities by simplifying the process and complete the testing objective within timelines. SAP has provided with multiple apps to be used by the team in completing the testing phase quickly and effectively. One of the important points to be noted is, that customer must configure a test user to establish the connection to SAP Cloud Platform. This is being done via the “manage user” functionality in the “test your processes” app.
The test automation tool is available on S/4 HANA cloud system with pre-configured accelerators such as test scripts, customizing the test scripts specific to the business by providing with a recording functionality which aids in a faster realization of the process. These test scripts can be used to test the business processes configured or built during the project.
Some of the phases where we do testing can be understood from the below diagram.

testing phases

The applications that will be used for the whole testing process are –
1.   Manage your test process – how to create/copy and edit new test processes in

manage your test process

2.   Test your process – how to set-up a Test Automation Tool & how to create/copy/edit & execute TEST plans

test your process

3.   Analyze your process – how to analyze/trace the test results using apps

analyze process

Benefits of using testing automation tool are:

  1. Accelerating the business process and the testing process
  2. Accurate and short test cycle which are required during the upgrade
  3. With preconfigured test scripts the testing can be done at a faster rate
  4. Another benefit is the recording functionality which facilitates the creation of the test script easily
  5. Easy documentation with the screenshots for all the test scripts ran
  6. A dashboard of the overall testing

With this, we can conclude that SAP has proven to be an asset that helps organizations make their business operations more efficient and profitable. This will ensure the company’s SAP installation will meet expectations reliably and efficiently reducing the guess works.

test process details
test process step
accounting ledger

Shabarinath Gupta – S/4 HANA Certified Application consultant – Cloud Finance @ YASH Technologies

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