Efficient and Effective IT Operations Management with RSLaF
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Efficient and Effective IT Operations Management with RSLaF

By: | Sridhar Oruganti

Publish Date: October 5, 2017

Run SAP like a Factory, through SAP Solution Manager, is SAP´s approach to operating SAP and non-SAP Solutions. In the process, the SAP Solution Manager acts as a central Operations Control Center that provides all the vital status, runtime and real-time information on the most important business processes, their critical interfaces, and the underlying software components.


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This is achieved by creating transparency of what is going on, by operating pro-actively based on alerts, and implementing a continuous improvement process.

Transparency of what is going on

A set of central monitors and dashboards, report the status of the business processes and related IT landscapes. The SAP Solution Manager infrastructure pro-actively monitors the solution 24×7 without manual effort, and triggers and correlates alerts in case of problems. The alert inbox bundles the alerts and another line of support regrouping a small team of operators, work on the alerts in a standardized way, by performing pre-configured simple analysis procedures (Standard Operating Procedures – SOPs). Aggregated data is presented via dashboards to all levels of the management. Detailed reports are generated automatically to support the other IT Support processes. Data required to gain full transparency depends on the business scenarios.

Operate pro-actively based on alerts

The alert can be converted into an incident/service request for processing by the next level of support. IT Operators take the first action on these alerts, based on context information and guided procedures provided within the alert. If possible, the team processes and solves the alert and in cases where it requires further intervention, they escalate the alert to the next level of support.

Continuous improvement process

Customers regularly face new operational issues. A virtual support team of experts identify those issues and suggest an improvement proposal, which, once accepted might trigger a change. The change comes as a change request in one end of a change management process and ends up delivering as functionality fit for use by the business at the other end. Along the way, any number of software tools may be deployed to manage the process. Stitching these together in a ‘factory like’ process through automation would improve efficiency and output predictability. The improvement or success is constantly tracked and reported to upper management. Further aspects are the simplification, standardization, and automation of the operational procedures.

You can fight the risk of cyber threats by making full use of the capabilities SAP Solution Manager and the “Run SAP Like a Factory.” It also helps monitor end-to-end business processes and protect the security of your IT infrastructure, business network, and critical data. Organizations can gain transparency and alerting capability to identify possible malicious activity.

Run SAP Like Factory provides the content, methodology, and tools combined with premium service and training. In its full extent, Run SAP like a Factory implements an Operations Control Center (OCC) at the customer side. The scope of an OCC is extendable depending on customer operational requirements.

Increase Operational Efficiency with Run SAP Like A Factory Solutions from YASH

Sridhar Oruganti, SAP Solution Manager Practice @YASH Technologies

Sridhar Oruganti
Sridhar Oruganti

SAP Solution Manager Practice @YASH Technologies

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