Unlocking Efficiency: Exploring SAP Signavio Process Mining for Business Optimization

Unlocking Efficiency: Leveraging SAP Signavio Process Mining for Business Optimization

By: Manthena Eknath Varma

Publish Date: November 22, 2023

Designing optimal processes helps achieve operational efficiencies for any business. However, every business evolves as time progresses and real-life scenarios kick in. To manage these scenarios, the business users follow varied processes to meet those specific scenarios. Some of these cases, which tend to become the business norm, result in sub-optimal process execution. Organizations that can reduce such inefficiencies and consistently maintain optimal efficiency gain a sustainable competitive edge in the market.

With the sub-optimal processes becoming business norms, inefficiencies and bottlenecks become hard to identify. For example, While a manager may suspect that something in the process is adversely affecting productivity and wants to improve it, taking up the process improvement initiative requires supportive data, which requires an additional effort. This is where process mining helps. It allows business leaders to uncover and fix obscure inefficiencies across operations, improve performance, and mitigate resource wastage.

As a data-driven methodology, process mining aims to extract insights and knowledge from event logs documented by information systems. It discovers, monitors, and improves processes by analyzing digital footprints left behind in files containing event data records. This provides organizations with a comprehensive operational view, aiding in spotting deviations, impediments, and enhancements.

Process mining use cases

Process mining is industry-agnostic and object-agnostic and has many application areas and use cases. Process mining can be applied to any horizontal or vertical operation.

Order-to-cash and Procure-to-pay are some of the significant process areas where companies can start their process mining journey. This data-driven method enhances supply chain efficiency, customer experiences, and workflow efficiency.

Some of the industry use cases for process mining are:

  • Supply Chain Optimization: Large manufacturing companies scrutinize ERP event logs, often exposing order fulfillment bottlenecks. Inefficient procurement approvals and surplus inventory issues are unearthed. Fueled by these insights, companies revamp their workflows, implement automated approvals, and refine inventory control mechanisms. Such adaptations often yield shorter lead times and tangible cost reductions.
  • Customer journey analysis: E-commerce companies employ process mining to trace the path from browsing to buying their customer-facing websites. By studying web event logs, they map common routes, spot pain points, and uncover cart abandonment triggers. With this knowledge, they reshape the site’s design, simplify checkouts, and launch precise campaigns. These adjustments bolster conversion rates, elevate revenue, and enrich the customer experience.
  • Claims processing restructuring: Insurance firms leverage process mining for refining claims workflows. By analyzing event logs in their claims system, they uncover redundant steps, avoidable delays, and unnecessary staff interventions. With these insights, they redesign workflows, automate tasks, and offer real-time visibility into claim progress. These modifications enhance customer contentment by accelerating processing times and amplifying transparency.


Process mining technologies provide decision-makers with a cohesive real-time overview of their operations in all these scenarios. This facilitates the identification of inefficiencies, waste reduction, and the transformation of insights into actionable enhancements.

Benefits of Process Mining

“84%[1] of the survey respondents from leading global organizations claimed process mining added value to their company.

Organizations have found most value in process transparency of their as-is processes, definition of tangible process optimization measures, reduction of throughput time translating to tangible monetary measures.

[1] Global Process Mining Survey Insights conducted by Deloitte / HFS Research

Despite data abundance, using it effectively for efficiency enhancement proves difficult. Process mining technology resolves this by enabling precise data identification and comprehension, aiding businesses in their revenue-generating operations.

Key benefits include:

  • Cost reduction: When process mining technology identifies bottlenecks and helps to implement automation in some areas, the result is a reduction in overall process running costs.
  • Creating a ‘shift left’: Through process mining technology, companies streamline empowering employees to tackle issues earlier in resolution procedures. The key lies in pinpointing suitable shift-left domains intelligently and making data-driven decisions in those areas.
  • Meeting service level agreements: Businesses frequently face the challenge of maintaining productivity with limited resources. Process mining comes to the rescue when service desks are inundated with tickets and SLA deadlines loom. It steers teams toward the most efficient process routes and provides automation assistance.
  • Minimizing Process Delays: Multi-hops in business processes extend task completion times, hampering efficiency. Process mining, bolstered by AI and ML, swiftly identifies these slowdowns. It offers root-cause analysis, revealing steps for efficiency improvements and enabling swift first-time ticket resolution.


Process Mining by SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio is one of the leading tools in the Process Mining space. Its Process Transformation Suite is a SaaS-based process modeling and process mining solution designed to help businesses document, collaborate, analyze, and optimize their processes. It provides various tools for modeling processes and journeys, mining, governance, and automated execution. SAP Signavio is an ever-updating X-ray machine for process mining, offering real-time process insights. SAP Signavio is a feature-rich software that can extract, visualize, and analyze current business processes from SAP and other non-SAP systems. SAP Signavio has in-built templates for data extraction, transformation, and loading of various modules like finance, HR, sales and distribution, procurement, etc., which speeds up the Process Mining efforts and results in faster ROI.

Effectively Implement Process Mining with YASH’s end-to-end SAP Signavio-led BPM Services.

YASH recently enabled a Global Manufacturing Company with operations in 50+ Countries to leverage SAP Signavio. YASH set up Signavio Workspace (Process Manager, Process Governance, Process Intelligence, and Collaboration Hub), modeled 1000+ Processes across 50+ Countries, carried out Process Intelligence, and trained the Business Process Management Team. This proved to be transformational for the organization.

YASH brings in advanced capabilities and technical expertise of SAP Signavio and other primary systems that help in the effective implementation of business process management and help get the maximum ROI from the process mining efforts.

A strategic and implementation partner for leading technologies like SAP, Microsoft, Azure, ServiceNow, etc., YASH can bring extensive knowledge in deploying and scaling innovative methods for process improvements across enterprises.

To know how we can help you unleash efficiency in business process management, write to us at (BizNeXT@yash.com)

Manthena Eknath Varma
Manthena Eknath Varma

Associate Director, YASH BizNeXT & BPM Solutions

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