Enhance Your Supply Chain Value Ariba Supplier Enablement!

By: Raghuram Siddi

Publish Date: June 7, 2022

In this digital era, enterprises focus on optimizing supply chain management processes to strengthen market competitiveness and gain higher profit margins, and to achieve these; your supply chain should be efficient. SAP Ariba supply chain collaboration helps the same, simplifying the process of supplier enablement in IT landscape. Improves the value of your supply chain and makes its management process smart. Ariba supply chain collaboration is a one-stop solution that improves agility, removes complexity, and streamlines supply and supplier chain management.

YASH Technologies is your trusted end-to-end Ariba partner. YASH’s SME team, who have extensive experience in Ariba implementation work, will work with you to achieve your goals.

SAP Ariba Supplier Enablement Process Steps

Here are the processes that will help the organization establish supply chain collaboration in SAP Ariba for the suppliers in ERP

  • Import your vendor data from your ERP system or procurement platform with a CSV file. The file must comply with the template available on the Upload Vendors page. The template has fields available to upload vendor data. You may exclude columns irrelevant to you.
  • The next step is to upload your vendor data to the Ariba network. Go to the Upload Vendors page and upload the CSV file to create new vendors or update previously imported ones. The details of the file will help you find the number of existing and new vendors on Ariba or identify potential errors.


Supplier Enablement Process in Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration

Once import of suppliers, SAP has established a well-defined supplier enablement setup process. Let’s look at the various processes involved for different set of suppliers.

  • For a supplier on Ariba Network, it is as simple as establish a trading relationship and start transacting on Ariba
  • For a new supplier not on Ariba network, send an invite, establish trading relationship
  • Organizations can also use quick enablement tool to start transacting on Ariba


How Can YASH Help with Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration?

Many people ask, doesn’t SAP Ariba support supplier enhancement? Yes. It does. However, you need a dedicated partner that ensures the completion of these processes with minimal hiccups and comprehensive support. This is where YASH steps in. It adopts an organized, focused, and relevance-based approach to help you derive value from the supplier enablement process.

YASH prioritizes what matters to you and creates an enablement strategy aligned with your needs. For instance, it looks at vendors that make up for your maximum spend or focuses on enabling vendors that contribute the highest value. It helps reduce friction in the source-to-pay process, results in fewer invoice exceptions, and thus increases ROI.

Our association with SAP Ariba, unparalleled expertise, and extensive experience in helping derive the most from Ariba, qualify us to handle your specific Ariba supplier enablement requirements. Allow our experts an opportunity to explore various possibilities across this space and foster peace of mind on the supplier and supply chain management front. Click here to connect with our experts.

Raghuram Siddi
Raghuram Siddi

Solution Architect - SAP Ariba

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