Digitize through Application Rationalization and Transformation – DART

Digitize through Application Rationalization and Transformation – DART

By: Uday Prakash Gunta

Publish Date: May 12, 2022

The emergence of newer technology paradigms like Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI makes application rationalization essential for fast-emerging business requirements. A journey of five R’s, such as Retired, Reposted, Re-Platformed, Refactored, or Reimagined, promote enterprises to examine their application inventory. Regardless of whether their applications are running in the cloud or on-premise, application rationalization is critical for maintaining the overall hygiene of the app portfolio. And, if the enterprise is seeking to move to the cloud, it’s an excellent platform to start.

Organizations are driven to rationalize their applications for various reasons like reducing redundancies, paying down technical debt, and controlling rising costs. However, here are a few specific scenarios that organizations should consider:

  • Enterprise Simplification– Simplifying the enterprise application portfolio to materialize most of the organizational investments and curb the wastage
  • Faster Time to Market – Moving to market faster by innovating and responding to market and customer demands with agility
  • Innovative Business Restructuring – Growing and surviving in a competitive environment by rearranging the business for increased efficiency and profitability
  • Intelligent Applications – Choosing applications solely based on their positive impact on the business and continuously monitoring their value in real-time
  • Customer Centricity– Delivering customer-centric experiences for a seamless, risk-free, and value-centric modernization and migration


Apart from these, it is equally essential to dwell with challenges associated with application rationalization which include:

  • Poor Business IT Alignment
  • Redundant Processes and applications
  • Diverse, Legacy Technologies
  • Small and Situational/Adaptive Applications
  • Evolving Digital Aspirations


The DART (Digitize through Application Rationalization and Transformation) Roadmap

The DART framework outlines analytics-based assessment framework with a structured, iterative approach to application modernization. Let’s first understand the steps.


The process of app rationalization is built on data, compelling app inventory data to be collected consistently across the board. If the enterprise has data in multiple formats across different lines of business, they may need to normalize it. And if the company doesn’t possess an application inventory, they will have to create one, either automatically or manually.

Gather information on existing application Landscape

Depending on the organization’s maturity, application portfolio analysis can be simple or complex. Understanding ownership of an application, business capability that supports and capturing estimate of application costs and the return on investment it gives, is significant accomplishment for some organizations, and it is usually enough to identify applications that do not belong.

Digital Assessment

In this critical step, an assessment is carried out based on the enterprises’ responses to questions related to workarounds, number of application users, business needs, challenges, etc. Depending on the answers, a score is then assigned, which helps decide whether retiring, retaining, or redeveloping the application is the best approach.

Digital Transformation Framework & Tools:


The DART framework deploys ‘Robust Application Rationalization Model,’ factoring key parameters influencing, business value and technical health. Parallelly, business & technical parameters are assigned with weightage based on their relative importance & digitalization capabilities, while business & technical health scores identify each application lifecycle positioning in the health grid.

YASH Technologies Expertise

Renowned YASH DART Methodology aids in the cost-effective modernization of clients’ legacy technology portfolios. YASH is poised to assist you in regaining control of your landscape, shaping it to meet your current and future business needs, and extracting value from your redesigned application portfolio. Thanks to well-architected modernization framework and migration competency, we excel at co-innovating with partners and customers to harness new technologies for innovation and growth. Our dedicated Cloud CoE foresees and resolves upcoming challenges in engagements, ensuring seamless, risk-free, best-practices-driven, and value-centric modernization and migration. For over two decades, YASH Technologies has been at the forefront helping clients realize benchmarks and deliver complex enterprise class modernization engagements involving thousands of applications.

Uday Prakash Gunta
Uday Prakash Gunta

Program Manager at YASH Technologies

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