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  • Customer Relationship Management

    YASH Technologies at the driver’s seat, organizations can optimally explore the unlimited potential of Dynamics 365 CRM and win customers for life.
  • Factory Automation

    YASH can help you build solutions that provide deep insights and real-time visibility for your manufacturing enterprise. Our services help you have control over all manufacturing operations and Factory Automation.
  • Mobility

    Our Mobility services provides flexibility, efficiency, and prompt management for all your key stakeholders. We transform your business ecosystem into a more resilient, efficient, and intelligent platform to drive engagement expertise.
  • AI & Automation

    Transform and Grow Your Business Using Automation with AI.AI-Powered Automation Can Change How Work Gets Done Learn How YASH Technologies Can Help.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

    YASH provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM services to generate in-depth predictive insights about your customer and uplift the entire customer journey for a better-personalized experience.
  • Business Process Transformation

    YASH experts are skilled in emerging technologies to help you with SAP Business Process Transformation solutions that ensures all functions within your organization work in close collaboration and separate silos.
  • Digital Core

    YASH Technologies has unmatched capabilities in implementing and integrating SAP Digital Core to transform your enterprise into a resilient, intelligent business. Get access to technologies that foster innovation at the speed with YASH.
  • Ideation Services

    Through YASH consulting and advisory services, we highlight questions that really matter. We work with you to find multiple, unique answers and test them faster.
  • Integration Services

    YASH, an Oracle Gold Partner, offers Architecture and Integration Services that help modernizes, transform, and enable multi-cloud adoption.
  • SAP

    YASH, one of the largest service-provider of SAP globally, is a recognized industry leading vendor for offering SAP solutions, products, and services and an advanced technology partner.
  • User Experience

    Ensure great user experience in your enterprise applications with YASH’s expertise in SAP User Experience solution FIORI. Get the power of design thinking to personalize and simply your business apps.