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Bridging the gap between data and decisions

Advancements in big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and machine learning have elevated the role of analytics and made it business-critical. Companies need to empower their employees, partners, and customers with quick access to the most relevant information to stay ahead in the modern world. This will allow them to understand their business at every turn, seize opportunities before competitors do, build value and ensure ROI of every decision.


An intelligent approach to analytics is the key to unlocking the value of data and enabling you to gain unparalleled insights. With analytics solutions evolving rapidly, many organizations are leveraging advanced and agile platforms to generate business value.

YASH SAP Analytics
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Business leaders demand that we harness raw data to unearth new business possibilities and revenue generation methods. Data and Analytics experts from YASH work across your business landscape to help you connect and make sense of your global data streams and support you in creating genuinely actionable insights.

Here's a quick success story: A hi-tech manufacturing company headquartered in New York is staying ahead of the competition with YASH SAC solutions.

We help you bridge the gap between analysis and business outcomes and integrate the power of big data with analytics to propel business success.

YASH Services

Our Data Analytics advisory teams bring the latest strategies to the table. Our certified Analytics consulting professionals are experienced in market-leading products such as AWS and Horton. Rest assured that we have the team and abilities to match your exclusive business needs.

Strategic Data Services: Strategize and collaborate to derive a sense of big data that boosts business intelligence

HR Analytics: Harness workforce management solutions to connect employee data to workforce outcomes

Marketing & Sales Analytics: Create a compatible customer journey on all business processes

Supply Chain Analytics: Help companies detect and eradicate pain points to secure supply chain efficiencies and compliances


Regulatory Reporting & Analytics: Offer comprehensive consulting across various industries that ensure compliance with critical regulations

SAP Analytics and Business Insights: How YASH Can Be Your Trusted Partner

YASH has helped clients benefit from new and modern SAP Analytics solutions that fuel digital transformation. We empower our customers to enhance data quality, reduce data integration costs, and boost data efficiencies.

With analytics and big data expertise, an agile approach, and sets of quality accelerators, we help make the most of all data-related processes and be in-sync with the pace of change. Consequently, we boost business engagement, develop your business intelligence capabilities, and outline (and deliver) the right analytics strategy for your organization.