Automate the entire DevOps value chain and accelerate business outcomes
with fast ROI

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Enterprises who adopt DevOps methodology experience faster recovery from failure and minimized downtime by 25%

YASH’s DevOps services aim to streamline and automate the entire flow of developing applications and manage operations using their proprietary framework and the most advanced DevOps tools.

By leveraging the DevOps principle, DevOps managed services offer the perfect intersection of people and technology for reduced development time and quicker time-to-market through the Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery & Continuous Support model.


  • End-to-end implementation
  • Strategy and roadmap workshops
  • Enhanced people skills for maintaining and improving operations


  • Best Industry Practices in terms of processes and methodologies
  • Procession workflows and automation
  • Monitoring and feedback practices


  • Tools deployment
  • Govern the design, server setup, CI/CD, and automation.
  • 3rd party integrations

YASH DevOps Offerings

Transformation Services
  • DevOps maturity framework assessment
  • Cost Assessment and Optimization
  • DevOps Process consolidation
Application Management Automation Services
  • Application Automation Services
  • DevSecOps
  • Testing Automation Services
Infrastructure Automation Services
  • Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Automation
DataOps Services
  • Data Platform Automation services
  • DataOps Reporting & Monitoring Automation

Business Benefits

  • Faster time to market to increase business value
  • Infrastructure automation & flexible application lifecycle management
  • Increased Agility, Quality, and Reliability of products
  • Reduction in operational cost through automation processes
  • Easily Deployable On-premise / Private/public clouds solutions
  • Reduced application downtime with a robust security mechanism
40% increase in release velocity
20% reduction in incident resolution time
15% optimization increase through DevOps automation
Centre of Excellence for DevOps implementation with major public cloud providers


YASH has a dynamic and robust workforce that allows us to cater to our Customer’s needs and ensure maximum satisfaction with reduced operational cost. With our team of cloud practitioners & experts, you get the assurance of an agile business delivery model with Managed DevOps services and solutions.

Integrated DevOps services and Framework including Infrastructure, ALM, security & monitoring
Efficient CI/CD/CS solutions for different landscapes
Certified partners with all leading cloud providers
Expertise with public, private, and hybrid cloud
Innovative approach to strengthen your business requirement.

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Infrastructure Management Service Offerings

  • Data Centre Consolidation and Optimization
  • Data Centre Operations / Management Services
  • Enterprise Network Services
  • Database Services
  • Hyper Converged Infrastructure Services
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  • M365 Services
  • End-User device Support
  • Unified Communication Services
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
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  • Strategy, Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Experience Desk Support & Automation
  • Critical / Major Incident Management Support
  • Persona – User experience management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
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  • Strategy, Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Cloud Hosting, Migration, DevOps & Operation
  • Cloud Security & Automation
  • Cloud Networking and Edge Computing
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support
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  • Strategy, Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Application Management Automation
  • Environment Management
  • Monitoring & Logging
  • Security & Governance
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  • Strategy, Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Monitoring Services AI Ops & Predictive Analytics
  • IT Operations Automation
  • CXO Dashboard
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