The Development team aims at agility, while Operations thrives on stability – and usually excellence in one implies a compromise in the other area. But, why not have the best of both?

With our customised DevOps services, we focus on both functional and technical aspects of different solutions with integral DevOps concepts and cover areas like infrastructure automation, application delivery, security, compliance , governance etc.

Through our step by step handholding, the DevOps implementation plan will be a definite strategy

Initiating the DevOps culture

formalise the DevOps thought process

Implementation Process

normalising the technology stack

Introducing & integrating DevOps tools

expanding DevOps practices

Monitoring application performance

Automating infrastructure delivery

Continuous feedback & testing

Provide self-sustaining capabilities


YASH Technologies is a pioneer in consulting, technology and outsourcing services with over 23 years of consistent deliveries. We believe that our customers are entitled to the best, and leveraging our rich experience, we ensure they receive the right skills & tools for their investment in DevOps.

DevOps and the YASH efficiency

Shorter release times, saving time & money


Create better experiences for users through better applications


Get multi-tool options


Identify and reduce potential blocks, thereby increasing efficiency

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