The need for a future-ready workforce with advanced skills

Required by the organization and is adaptable to keep pace with innovation and flourish in a rapidly evolving world is propelling organizations to update their approach to talent management.

HR leaders need to harness advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) to transform employee learning, growth, and skill development within their organizations.

YASH's SAP AI-powered Human Experience Management Solution offers an ideal tool to drive your HR transformation. This solution empowers organizations to proactively tackle the challenges they encounter in preparing their workforce for the future.

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Key Takeaways

Visit our Booth to meet with HR experts to discuss winning strategies, understand real-world success stories, and dive deep into focused demos.

  • Intelligent Workforce Management
  • Predictive Analytics for Employee Performance
  • Personalized Learning and Development
  • Leveraging AI to Drive Future of Work Transformation

Meet Our Experts

Nageswara Gaddam

Country Head, Malaysia

Rajasekhar Godavarthy

Delivery Head, Malaysia

Sarat Panganamamula

Head of SAP HXM

Nagesh Polu

Global Lead, SAP HXM Practice

Neha Kumari

Solution Architect

Muhammad Faizal Bin Abdullah

Senior Sales Manager

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