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There are countless challenges that sales leaders and marketing professionals grapple with daily in acquiring, retaining, and serving customers while enabling exceptional experiences:

  • How can AI tools like Dynamics CRM Copilot enhance the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts?
  • What are the tangible benefits of integrating AI with CRM systems regarding productivity and customer satisfaction?
  • How can these technologies be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows?
  • Are the solutions robust enough to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and customer needs?

Addressing these concerns effectively is crucial for achieving higher operational efficiency, improved customer engagement, and a competitive edge in the market.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enhanced with AI capabilities through Copilot, is rapidly proving an indispensable tool by transforming how businesses interact with customers and manage their sales processes. As per Microsoft , since the launch of Copilot in March, there has been incredible adoption, with nearly 4,000 users leveraging its capabilities. The impact is clear, with 10s of thousands of draft emails generated through the power of generative AI, demonstrating its efficacy and transformative potential.

Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how Dynamics CRM Copilot is transforming the CRM landscape.

You will gain invaluable insights into how AI-driven strategies can significantly boost your sales productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. This session could be your key to tapping into new opportunities in customer relationship management, optimizing your sales efforts, and achieving consistently high levels of customer service excellence.

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Webinar Agenda

  • Explore the role of AI in customer relationship management
  • Improve your Sales and Marketing with Microsoft Copilot
  • Use Cases
    • Showcasing how we can boost Sales Productivity & Customer Satisfaction using Sales Copilot
    • Sales CoPilot, Sales Copilot for Outlook & Sales Copilot for Teams
  • The Future of Sales and Customer Service with Dynamics CRM AI & Copilot
  • Q&A


This session will provide actionable insights to help you improve your sales and marketing strategies harnessing the game-changing potential of AI in customer relationship management with Microsoft Copilot. You will see real-world examples of how a Sales Copilot can enhance customer satisfaction and boost productivity. Gain valuable insights into the future of sales and customer service with Dynamics CRM AI & Copilot, and ask any burning questions during a Q&A session with industry experts.

Meet Our Experts

With insights from these experts who are equally adept at strategy, solution architecting, deployment, and driving innovation, you'll delve into the advanced capabilities of Dynamics CRM enhanced with AI through Copilot.

Reem El-labban

Territory Channel Manager
Business Applications, Microsoft

Reem El-labban is spearheading business application strategies in the UAE, helping organizations align their technology solutions with business goals to achieve significant commercial and competitive advantages

Michał Skowroński

Go-To-Market Manager,
Customer Experience, CEMA, Microsoft

With over 15 years of experience, Michał leads the Customer Experience Business Applications domain at Microsoft CEMA, specializing in CRM technology deployments and sales consulting

Kumareswar Kandimalla

Microsoft BU Head | Microsoft COE Head
YASH Technologies

Kumareswar brings 25 years of expertise in digital technologies, focusing on enterprise applications, analytics, and digital platforms to resolve complex business challenges and drive profitable growth

Sachin Ganesh Patil

Technical Architect YASH Technologies

Sachin possesses extensive industry experience, with a 22-year tenure in the IT sector across multiple CRM platforms and development projects, renowned for his strategic leadership in managing diverse and cross-functional teams internationally