While all stakeholders understand the importance of Master data governance,

it often becomes just a tick in the box. The impact on the business's ability to scale and achieve new goals can get compromised without it.

When migrating to SAP S/4HANA, businesses often encounter data-related issues that can impede the transformation journey, making SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) indispensable before, during, or after your S4 implementation and rollout. It can ensure optimal data performance, warranting its integrity, and deliver accurate transactional data to construct a 360-degree view of each domain.

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Join our SAP MDG experts as they walk you through proven YASH solutions that can help you enable competitive advantage with security, governance, and performance KPIs with a strong focus on getting it 'first-time-right.'

Key Takeaways from this exclusive webinar



Role of a Data Partner and its challenges


Importance of Master Data Governance


Processes for migrating master data to MDG



Our Speakers

About YASH

YASH is one of the largest SAP Services providers globally that has a proven track record of providing robust SAP Data solutions with curated methodologies and accelerators. It combines the YASH SAP MDG CoE advisory and consulting team with expert consultants to drive sustained value and ROI for global organizations.

YASH's SAP MDG ( Master Data Governance) methodologies profoundly delve into data quality management, validation & enrichment. Our Focused Data Migration Approach and YASH4MDGF have reduced data developer dependency and accelerated the implementation processes via automation. We could be your end-to-end S4HANA Implementation partner or a specialized Data migration Partner for your S/4HANA journey.

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