Today, most of the enterprises want foundation of fast innovation, with smart and flexible operations, better customer experience with creating business value. One answer to all of these? The answer is “Cloud-managed services.”

As per Gartner

the cloud managed service market is forecasted to reach $102 billion in 2025, growing at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 19.1% in U.S. dollars.

Cloud-managed services makes available the skilled resources to enterprises to manage their IT infrastructure and in-house functions. The cloud-managed services help in filling up the skill gaps, bring down the cost, and improving operational efficiency. MSPs are responsible to take care of cloud computing needs, improve efficiencies and also automate most workflows. This also includes creating back-ups, performance testing, reporting, disaster recovery, and compliance monitoring.


What does Cloud Managed Services do?

Wondering why should you opt for cloud-managed services? Every business runs on data-driven services. Without a comprehensive cloud-managed service, your business’ security is at risk. Your data is susceptible to threats, downtime, and data loss in severe cases. It is hence important to opt for cloud-managed services to support your business, fill the gaps, and provide compliance services.

Besides, it reduces your in-house repeated operational IT costs, automates critical workflows, and helps in transforming your IT systems into efficient ones. In short, these services can help you achieve your goals and scale up faster.

YASH Cloud Managed Services portfolio

Strategy, Consulting & Advisory Services
Cloud Hosting, Migration, DevOps & Operations
Cloud Security & Automation
Cloud Networking & Edge Computing
Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Support,
SRE Services

Benefit realized

  • Future-proof technology: Cloud ready, Cloud first
  • Integrated service: offer pay-per-service or payment plans that will enable you to focus on your business and growth.
  • Centralized network services and applications: All data is backed-up and stored in this central data hub. This means even when you are working remotely, you can access the data without any problem.
  • Disaster recovery: When you choose cloud-managed services, your data is always safe across all networks and applications.
  • Fast response and reliable: Get a fast and quick response through cloud-managed services for any requirement. Cloud-managed service providers keep a close watch on your network.
  • Cost-saving: When you decide to choose cloud-managed services, you control and bring down network maintenance costs. Instead of appointing a full-time IT department, you can choose small or medium-sized organizations with simple networks.

Why Cloud-Managed Services with YASH?

  • YASH Cloud Infrastructure Service portfolio is designed to transform at scale and help you unlock business value by delivering hybrid, multi-cloud services, and non-linear growth to accelerate digital transformation.
  • Our cloud assessment and migration framework are a Cloud agnostic, vendor-aware methodology that focuses on low-risk, high-return business transformation.
  • Our strategy for the Cloud addresses adoption that supports our clients with immediate SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS service needs while developing platforms and support functions to drive innovation and accelerate the digital journey.
  • We offer custom cloud solutions to bring down costs and automate important processes.
  • We help you in setting up, managing, and safeguarding your cloud environment so that your focus can be solely on growing your business.

Business Benefits experienced by one of our clients

Find out how our experts ensured operational integrity and optimization of the solution by leveraging its Managed Services Framework and principles for a leading global security solutions leader.

  • 1MnEuro worth of annual cost savings
  • 40%reduction in server footprint
  • 99%SLA adherence with guaranteed uptime
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