Do you worry about how to scale and innovate existing applications while maintaining a secure environment on the cloud?

Securely operating various workloads is a priority for every IT environment and must be in focus during architecture discussions. The AWS well-architected framework enables building secure and resilient infrastructure for diverse workloads. AWS provides required security without upfront expenses and at a lower cost than in an on-premises environment, while enterprises pay only for the services they use.

In this exciting webinar, YASH business leaders and AWS architects discuss the benefits of using AWS data center and network architecture for building secure customer journeys. They will also outline how the AWS framework can meet the requirements of even the most security-sensitive organizations.


Pre-Migration security activities

Build, Review and validate security architecture and controls through the AWS well-architected tool

During Migration

Secure baseline, Hybrid security models during the transition of data and underlying services, Security evaluation and verification services aligning to baseline, Code repatriation


Implement and validate security controls, Security posture management, Security Monitoring, Optimization programs, Compliance monitoring


AWS native security controls to deliver Secure by design, Security engineering, Security monitoring, Security optimization,


Security re-engineering for existing workloads and business applications, Security monitoring, Security optimization initiatives including posture management, etc.,

Our Speakers

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