Learning in the post COVID times:
Rethink student engagement with SAP HE&R

Are you looking to accelerate post-crisis recovery with
Digital Teaching, Learning, and Optimized Operations?

July 9th Thursday 2020
2:30-3:30 PM (Dubai Time)


The pandemic has shuttered many educational institutions indefinitely and disrupted their business operations. The effect on students — nearly 1.5 billion globally (as per UNICEF) is even more profound. Not all institutions, or educators, find themselves well prepared to adapt and deliver excellence in teaching or research execution in this situation.

Here are some of the key challenges that these institutions are facing

compare_arrows Transition to Remote Teaching and Learning
Reliance on traditional in-person lecture methods & global lack of online connectivity
chrome_reader_mode Changing Student Engagement
Reliance on on-campus processes for managing the student lifecycle and engagement
center_focus_strong Remote Work Environment
Difficulties in remote working arrangements enabled for operational communication
equalizer Limited Digitalization
Investment in digital learning not matched by digitalization of the operation

Discover how they can effectively respond to the disruption, adapt to the situation and reimagine readiness to face any future crises

  • check Enable L&D via virtual training/e-learning, social and mobile learning, in a secure and intuitive cloud platform
  • check Get ready-to-watch video-based courses designed to help establish best practices for remote learning
  • check Empower students and teaching staff with social collaboration tools to engage beyond traditional class hours
  • check Digitally assess and design exams for continuous education business and progress in student lifecycles
  • check Get accurate insights on student engagement and intervene in time to ensure learning is on track
  • check Build trust and transparency with digital experiences among staff and students despite the lack of a classroom and physical campus


Vidya Shetty linkedin
Mayar Salti

Sr. Services & Enablement Engagement Manager, SAP Middle East

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Saratchandra Panganamamula

Practice Head – HE&R, YASH Technologies

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Hussain Sab

Lead Consultant - HE&R Practice, YASH Technologies

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