Support Services

Support Services

YASH’s Application Management and Support Services are available in several pre-canned models such as 8×5, 16×5 and 24×7. The model may be customized to meet customer specific needs.

The broad range of support activities, as part of the YASH support services offered, are listed below starting with production support services for HP product suite Team Site, LiveSite.

Platform Monitoring

  • Monitor the production platform with the help of key operational parameters to help reduce potential issues.

Service Request Management

  • Manage and resolve end user service request, provide timely resolution of the service request.

Environment Management

  • Maintain application on different environments (namely prod, pre-prod, test) and check for mismatches at regular intervals while executing the necessary synchronization(s) required.

Performance Management

  • Activities that could improve the operational performance of the Application servers with the help of platform tuning, load balancing.

Availability Management

  • Ensure availability of the production platform for business users with the help of fault tolerant system, Back up-recovery schemes.

Incident Management

  • Resolve service non-availability and operational service disturbance issues on a regular basis (frequency – daily, weekly) to maximize service availability.

Patch Management

  • Manage issues with regard to identification and application of security and service packs on the environment as per vendor recommendations.

Platform Audits & Risk Assessment

  • Regular auditing of the production platform to check for potential issues and inherent risks.

Pre-emptive Maintenance

  • Monitor key environment indicators that help in identifying potential issues proactively so as to execute preventive maintenance routine.

For more information, please Contact YASH for a detailed break up of support services that can be customized for your organization’s needs.

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