Upgrade Methodology

Upgrade Methodology

YASH has put together a basic framework in making the upgrade process seamless with the help of the following best practices:

  • Understand the power of TeamSite 7.4 in order to harness it
  • Evaluate available migration approaches
  • Develop an effective communication plan
  • Perform discovery and assessment
  • Establish good governance

Hp Application upgrade methodology

YASH, as a HP Specialist Partner, has met the most rigorous HP criteria, that includes training, deep technical expertise and broad business experience across verticals, that puts YASH Technologies in a unique position as upgrade solution partner:

  • Repeatable, predictable and time-tested process to migration with a proofing strategy to mitigate risks
  • Knowledge of Industry standard tools to migrate/consolidate disparate content platforms

Besides bringing the right mix of technical and business expertise to any HP project. YASH ensures that the long-term objectives of each customer are met.

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