Migration & Upgrade Services

Migration & Upgrade Services

More data doesn’t mean more insight. In fact, it can lead to more confusion.

  • Which data is important?
  • How can I use my social media data to shed light on my online brand advertising?
  • Which channel needs my attention the most?
  • How can I make it actionable?

Organizations struggle to get a holistic view of all their initiatives, and optimize those experiences based on collective customer intelligence. Upgrading to the HP Marketing suite provides advanced marketing features that help our clients discover new ways to acquire and retain customers while building loyalty. These include:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Keyword-bid optimization
  • Optimized landing pages
  • Ad optimization
  • Multi-variant testing
  • Better segmentation and targeting

YASH Technologies has been an HP solution partner for more than a decade and offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to ensure predictable outcomes that minimize risk and maximize productivity during this period of technology change. Upgrading to TeamSite 7.4 offers a shift in thinking as a marketing optimization platform. From Campaign Management, Social Media integration, Rich Media Management, CRM integration, Mobility, Usability, eCommerce integration, Cloud and Augmented Reality this new suite provides next generation digital marketing capabilities for your organization.


  • Create outstanding customer experiences and build your brand
  • Drive demand using real-time marketing capabilities
  • Know your customers by personalising your content to them
  • Increase revenue by building individual interactions at customer touch points
  • Improve time to market for your web campaigns


  • A vendor supported software platform
  • New features and reduced defects
  • Improvements in performance and stability of the platform
  • Increase your traffic exercising advanced Multi-variant Testing
  • Enhanced & effective platform performance
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