Consulting Services

Consulting Services

YASH ECM consulting services are designed so our clients can make the right decisions with regard to extracting business value from content. It is not about managing content anymore. It is now about how your customers receive and relate to that content. It is about managing their experience of interactions with your organization.
Our strategic evaluation and technical consulting services are all focused on how to continually improve client interactions that then result in more business and loyalty.

Our consulting services include:

  • ECM Strategy
  • Solution Architecture & Design
  • Enterprise Search Strategy
  • Product Evaluation & Selection
  • Platform Migration Strategy

The goal of YASH’s ECM services is to provide a strategy and roadmap for implementing content management across your organization using as few tools as possilbe, minimizing and centralizing support, and maximizing return on investment.

Our approach consists of two broad phases:

  • Needs Assessment: determine the need of each business process or business application across the five distinct stages of a content life cycle: capture, store, manage, deliver, and preserve.
  • Implementation Roadmap: the first step of the implementation roadmap phase is analysis of the information captured during the earlier phase in order to identify the required ECM technology components.

YASH HP consulting services covers the following:

  • Document management
  • Image-processing applications
  • Workflow/business process management
  • Records management
  • Web content management
  • Social content

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