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Discover the formula to achieve success in the Pharmaceutical & Chemical industry

Watch the webcast to learn how the pharmaceutical & chemical industry can meet increasing industry uncertainty, complexity, and regulatory oversight head on.

Calender 18-02-2016

Transform your HR department into a Business Enabler with Success Factors BizX Suite

In this webcast learn the details about SAP People Cloud SuccessFactors BizX and more.

Calender 18-02-2016

Getting Started with SAP Business Intelligence on AWS

Watch the webcast SAP Business Intelligence on AWS by YASH Technologies and Amazon Web Services.

Calender 18-02-2016

Taking Search Out of the Box

Watch the webcast “Taking Search out of the Box”. This webinar was conducted by YASH Technologies, HP, and CMSWire to understand the key trends and best practices in website search experience modernization.

Calender 18-02-2016

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