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Migrate to the cloud seamlessly with AWS

Moving to the Cloud is no longer a question of why, but when.  Amazon Web Services offers a scalable and cost effective platform for moving enterprises seamlessly to the Cloud in a smooth and secure manner. As a consulting partner and channel reseller of Amazon Web Services, YASH Technologies can help you migrate your enterprise applications, data, mobile applications, and just about anything else, to a secure and reliable Cloud infrastructure.

Tailor-made Cloud solutions on Amazon Web Services platform

YASH has invested in AWS training, certifications, and resources to ensure smooth, quality service before, during, and after migration.  Leverage the power, security, and flexibility of AWS and the expertise of YASH to:

  • Trade capital expense for predictable expense
  • Stop guessing capacity
  • Stop spending money on building and maintaining data centers
  • Benefit from economies of scale
  • Increase flexibility and agility
  • Go global in minutes

Our Cloud integration strategies not only expedite the adoption of Cloud technology, but also provide organizations with a blueprint tailored to their growth.

In partnership with Amazon, we combine our vast domain expertise in hosting and migration as well as a strong track record in SAP to deliver and support resilient Cloud-hosted SAP environments. We leverage Amazon’s Cloud platform to offer an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that enables SAP applications to be highly available, secure, and scalable.

With SAP HANA on AWS Cloud, enterprises can:

  • Achieve faster time-to-value for SAP HANA project with AWS on-demand infrastructure
  • Scale resources up or down as necessary
  • Run all SAP HANA workloads on a multi-node cluster, providing up to 4 TB of memory
  • Integrate SAP HANA system running in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with existing on-premise systems
  • Develop and deploy SAP HANA quickly and reliably in the Cloud
  • Leverage existing licensing investment with no additional licensing fees

Get more than what you think from hosting with services from YASH  

YASH, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, provides organizations a flexible, scalable, and secure Cloud architecture, which transforms the way of doing business. With considerable knowledge base and experienced in-house resources, YASH’s solutions are proven and based on industry best practices. With AWS, we provide you the most cost effective and flexible solution.

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